Is Sign Language a Universal Language? Complete Guide

Is Sign Language a Universal Language? Complete Guide

When we think about communication, we often focus on spoken languages, forgetting that there are other equally important forms of communication, like sign language. Sign language serves as a crucial bridge for the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities, enabling them to express themselves and connect with others. But here’s a question that often comes up: Is … Read more

English Language Development on rise in Lebanon County Schools

Each day, Valerie Carroll, an English Language Development teacher at Palmyra Area School District spends the first hours of her day at the high school, teaching two periods of ELD, then quickly meeting with as many teachers and administrators at the high school as she can. Then, she’s off to Forge Road Elementary to teach … Read more

Children Find Joy in Learning New Words – Neuroscience News

Summary: Children and adolescents experience intrinsic joy in learning new words, a pleasure that persists up to adulthood. The research aimed to understand and measure the emotional responses of young learners during word acquisition, using a method where participants aged 10 to 18 deduced meanings from sentence contexts across 40 trials. Not only did participants … Read more

English Learners’ Proficiency Scores Are Still in Decline, Data Find

English learners’ average English-language proficiency scores have remained in decline since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new assessment data from the WIDA consortium. The WIDA consortium, which runs the ACCESS online language assessment, reported that average scores from 2023 across grade-level clusters remain lower than pre-pandemic averages. Pronounced declines appeared in grades … Read more

Global Online Language Learning Market Size To Worth USD 54.95 Billion By 2033 | CAGR of 13.68%

The Global Online Language Learning Market Size was Valued at USD 15.24 Billion in 2023 and the Worldwide Online Language Learning Market Size is Expected to Reach USD 54.95 Billion by 2033, according to a research report published by Spherical Insights & Consulting. Companies covered: Vipkid, Berlitz Languages, Sanako Corporation, Pearson ELT, Inlingua International, 51talk, … Read more

Reading and Math Science Boosts English Learners’ Performance – Neuroscience News

Summary: A new study reveals a novel intervention that significantly enhances math performance among third-grade English language learners. By integrating key concepts from the science of reading and math, the intervention, conducted over 10 weeks with sessions twice a week, demonstrated notable improvements in comprehension, visualization, and problem-solving skills compared to general instruction. The research … Read more

5 Lesser-Known Language Learning Platforms – France Today

Learning French? Tired of the usual suspects one finds online and on smartphone apps? These five under-the-radar language-learning platforms offer different approaches to challenge you on your journey to learn le Français. As a language teacher, I am always searching for new ways to build fluency with my kiddos in whichever language I happen to … Read more